New Low Price - $1.49 for BOTH VERSIONS! PDF Download for computers and tablets!

Many fans of the Knight Kit Broadcaster have written to ask where they can buy one, so they might build their own Broadcaster from scratch, repair an old unit, or just remenice. I am please to annouce the availability of the Broadcaster Manual in PDF form.

This file includes not just a manual copy, but copies of complete assembly manuals for both new and old versions, parts lists, schematics, assembly drawings and figures, resistance and voltage charts for trouble-shooting, the original "How It Works" page, complete cover graphics, including any advertising included in the manual! 50 pages in all, that's two complete original Knight Kit Broadcaster manuals!

New Version
Old Version

All this comes in a single high-quality Adobe PDF file, readable on any platform capable of handling a pdf, and printable on most printers.

NEW REDUCED PRICE! $1.49. That's way cheaper than you'll find on eBay, and our version is complete!

I have arranged to take payment through PayPal, either by cash transfer or credit card. Simply click the button below, and follow the directions. After I receive your payment, I will email you the link to the file and the password for the manual. You then will download the file, enter the password, and have fun!

Please note that I don't live and sleep by my computer, so it may take as much as a day to get your password to you, but usually only hours. For now, Knight Kit is a One Man Company!